Bring Back the Spark with these Romantic Picnic Ideas

Flowers, chocolates, and jewellery – of course they’ll always be special, but after a while, they might get just a little too typical. All relationships go through ‘dry spots’, but there are a lot of ways to spice things up. Romance isn’t just about candlelit dinners in the city. If you’re getting bored with the usual dinner and /or movie date, how about a romantic picnic?

At the back of your mind, you might be thinking this is a bit clich√© but when you think about it a little more, it’s something worth trying. Romantic picnics were quite popular in 1950’s movies, but they haven’t lost their romantic touch. If you’re new to the idea, don’t worry. Here are a couple of ideas for a romantic picnic you should look at.

Plan Ahead and Work Together

Remember, this requires a lot of planning ahead especially if you want to make it a date-to-remember. If you can’t do it on the weekend, take a day-off from work for the special day. Ask your special someone to do the same.

If this isn’t a surprise date, it’s better to organize it with your special someone. Aside from it being more convenient, you’re both choosing what you want to do. If he or she doesn’t want to have a picnic in this area, at least you can talk about it beforehand.

Get Away from the City!

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a totally romantic adventure. Consider all options – by the river, by the beach, or if you’re out of options, the city park. Whether or not you want the place to be as private as possible is entirely up to you. A little privacy allows for a more intimate and romantic experience.

Far, far away is a perfect romantic picnic lunch idea, but don’t stay out too late especially if it’s somewhere new and a bit far from civilization.

Starry, starry sky…

We women adore starry skies – it’s a lot more romantic, intimate, and exactly like the movies. A bit of romantic music in the background will definitely add to the aura. Candles are perfect if you’re the romantic type – remember there’s no such thing as going overboard with romantic picnics.

Romantic Beach Picnic?

It can’t get more romantic than a picnic by the beach. Romantic beach picnic ideas are quite similar to other picnic ideas, but with a bit of tweaking involved. Pick a place with a beautiful shoreline and fine, white sand. Choose a time where the weather is most comfortable; you can’t enjoy the view once it’s dark, so morning or early afternoon would be perfect. The sound of waves crashing into the shore and the soft breeze is sure to make the trip more romantic.

But what about romantic picnic food ideas?

More than the scenery, music, and candles, food is perhaps the most important aspect of the picnic. Wars have been fought (between lovers) over the choice of food. So before you get this wrong and ruin the whole thing, here are a few basics you should take note of.

Don’t forget your picnic basket! This is your treasure chest for the day – it’ll hold everything you need – beverages, food, utensils, napkins, etc. Without a basket, the whole thing will be a mess.

Wine and champagne are perfect for a romantic picnic, but just in case your special someone isn’t in the mood for alcohol, soda, juice and water are good alternatives. If you can’t bring ice with you, pre-chill all your beverages. Use plastic wine glasses for presentation.

For finger foods, forget about Frankfurters and fries for this date – save it for the movie. Bring easy-to-handle food such as grapes, baguettes, and other breads. Bring cheese or other spreads for more variety. This might be a little messy, so be prepared to clean up.
Prepare an entree just in case the finger foods aren’t enough, or go straight to the main course. Learn a new recipe or use a family specialty. Mussels, caviar, and other seafood are known natural aphrodisiacs. Don’t overdo the main course – remember you’re not in a restaurant.

For your dessert, finish off with a custard, cupcake, or a slice of cake.  Alternatively check out some of the delicious ideas in the video below.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that the most important part of the romantic picnic is you and your special someone. The food, no matter how delicious, won’t be worth it if you don’t enjoy and grow closer after this romantic adventure.

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    Wow love the look of those melon balls and brie parcels! What drink would you recommend to go with that?


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